Make a wish and it will come true

Kids For Peace was founded by Gayle Gale
in 1995.  KFP has since organized collaborative projects around the globe. 

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History of the Kids For Peace program.

After spending some time as a visiting artist in Israel in 1995, Gale developed a dream to "Promote peace through the creative process with an international peace art mural created through inspirational educational workshops with the communities of the world.” Gale feels education is the key to world peace. Video, music, poetry and intensive dialogue are used to inspire participants of all ages and cultures to create their tiles for the mural. Kids For Peace allows participants from both sides of the ocean an opportunity to create a lasting piece of art with blessings for peace.

Kids for Peace a mosaic mural of over 350 painted panels was born out of interactive educational art workshops spanning from Los Angeles to the Negev in Israel. It utilizes artistic expression as a voice for expressing feelings and emotions against all forms of violence and terrorism with a yearning for peace...every brush stroke -- a stroke for peace

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